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Telescope Buying Guide:

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Brand / Model:Aperture:Mount:Price Range:Our Rating (out of 5):
Orion 27194 XT8 ClassicReflectorYes. Sturdy baseAffordable4.7
Orion 8945 SkyQuest XT8 ClassicReflectorYes. Sturdy baseAffordable4.6
Orion 10015 Starblast 4.5 AstroReflectorYes. Sturdy baseAffordable4.8
Meade instruments 209002 Infinity 60 AZRefractorYes. Tripod baseVery Affordable4.8
Sky-Watcher 10″ Collapsible DobsonianReflectorYes. Sturdy baseA Touch Higher Priced4.5

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Before purchasing a telescope it is good to ask yourself a few questions:

1. What will you use the telescope for? If you want …

To observe comets, prominent telescope reviews websites will suggest that you should buy a large one (minimum 70mm lens). We agree.

To do deep-space observations, then you should buy a telescope with a lens as wide as possible.

Do you notice the solar system, then you should buy a telescope with a focal length lens as long as possible.

Easy to find objects in the sky, then you should buy a telescope with a GOTO mount.

best rated telescopes

2. Where will you use the telescope?

If you live in a place with plenty of light pollution it is very likely that you will want to move to a place with less pollution to make comments. But this means that you need a telescope to be portable: easy to assemble, easy in terms of weight and large enough to provide good images, but to fit in means of transport with which you move.

A catadioptric telescope (Schmidt-Cassegrain, Maksutov-Cassegrain, Schmidt-Newtonian or Maksutov-Newtonian) with a mirror up to 150 – 200mm diameter Newtonian to mount a 200mm or 254mm maximum Dobson or a telescope up to 100 – 120mm. They are recommended models.

If you can not or do not want to move to places with less light pollution then it is advisable to purchase the largest tool that you can afford. Light pollution affects as much as small tools and large ones, but since the instrument has a larger goal, the more you will see celestial objects with more details.

If you live in a place with little or no light pollution then you will not be forced to move elsewhere to fulfill your observations and it is better to buy the largest telescope that you can afford.

If instead you are forced to move frequently for other reasons and want to have your telescope whenever you need it, without the need to transport a car when you need one small enough dimensions, but powerful enough power light collection. In this case reflector designs are recommended up to 150mm or 100mm rear than the maximum.

3. When will you use the telescope?

Telescopes are not only used at night. Day observations can also be made – both solar and planetary observations or terrestrial observations. If you need tools solar observations of small diameter (80 – 100mm) and special filters. If planetary observations you need larger telescopes (he is considered that a tool with a 100-120mm aperture if refractors, Schmidt-Cassegrain, Maksutov-Cassegrain and 150mm when the spotlight is the minimum necessary for planetary observations) equipped with engines tracking at least right ascension axis or with GOTO system and special filters. If you need a observaţiiilor terrestrial terrestrial telescope Schmidt-Cassegrain or a small Maksutov-Cassegrain or.

4. Who are you and what attracts you?

If you are a person with experience in astronomy, solitary pleased to make your own observations, then perhaps you’ll want a high-quality telescope adapted to the type of comments that you made.

If you are new to astronomy when Newtonian telescope on Dobson mount mirror diameter of at least 150mm or 100mm diameter telescope or 120mm are highly recommended. If you want the future you can experiment and astrophotography when your telescope will be equipped with a German equatorial mount robust tracking engine at least in right ascension order to see objects in their movement daytime sky.

If you do not know if you will be attracted to astronomy over several years, then buy a telescope of sufficient size to satisfy your curiosity today, good quality but not too expensive and within your budget. In this case a Newtonian reflector up to 150mm – 200mm on equatorial mount or a telescope Dobson or maximum 100mm – 120mm will satisfy your curiosity and will make your neighbors, your friends or relatives envy you for what you have.

If you are interested in planetary and lunar observations then you’ll want a telescope with a lens as possible to get the details as fine and with a very long focal length to achieve high magnifications (of the order 200X – 400X) without using eyepieces very small focal lengths and possibly without Barlow lens call. To automate tracking objects in the night sky it takes the instrument to be mounted on a motorized equatorial mount at least right ascension axis.

If you are interested in comments deepsky then you’ll want a telescope with a lens as possible and with a short focal length to have a bright visual field as far as possible.

For comments deepsky the most important factor in choosing an instrument’s aperture is: because these objects have a very low brightness, the greater the diameter of the lens (or lenses mirror) the light gathering power of the telescope is bigger, so you can observe many celestial objects with lower brightness and more visible.

5. How much money are you willing to spend on a telescope and accessories required?

The main item that you should consider in buying a telescope is that it is a fairly expensive object. Why not throw money on poor quality tools and accessories products companies quasi-unknown. Do not let the crowd attracted by the accessories that are offered.

Very soon you will realize the flaws and limitations of such an instrument and you want to buy another, but probably you will not be able to afford. According to leading telescope reviews, a quality telescope equipped only with essential accessories costing as much as one has poor quality with lots of accessories and other equally dubious quality. Only the rich can afford to make mistakes expensive.

Featured Telescopes

Orion 8945 SkyQuest XT8 – THis dobsonian model is a hot seller, comes highly rated and user reviews are very strong. Well worth checking out. Here is our complete Orion 8945 Skyquest XT8 review.

Orion 10014 SkyQuest XT4.5 – Another highly-rated Orion product, this model is priced under $400 and 77% of users have rated it as a maximum 5 star rating! Read our Orion 10014 SkyQuest XT4.5 review.

Best Telescope Under $1000

Celestron Omni XLT 150

This model from Celestron, a well-known scope manufacturer, costs just under $1000 but has an astounding 100% 5 star review rating. It’s a quality product that lives up to the price tag and more! Read our Celestron Omni XLT 150 review.

Celestron NexStar 6 SE Telescope

This telescope gives more convenience and many same features that expensive telescopes provides. Once collected, the NexStar 6 SE is additionally simple to utilize. Furthermore, the hand control permits you to include the planet or another protest you wish to see. The degree’s outline naturally concentrates on the world or another protest you ask for, while the StarPointer innovation gives a straightforward approach to adjust the extension and get the clearest conceivable view. The extension may likewise be adjusted to a few splendid questions in the evening sky utilizing its StarFinder highlights. Transportability and usability supplement the NexStar’s remarkable execution. A 6-inch opening gives 44 percent all the more light assembling capacities, and a 1500mm focal point offers extreme review accuracy.

Orion 8946 SkyQuest XT10 Classic Dobsonian Telescope

Effortlessness and optical quality describe this Telescope. The degree’s opening is the biggest of Orion’s arrangement, giving light assembling capacities that beat its XT6 and XT8 partners. It has a 25mm eyepiece, and also a focuser and a discoverer, which permit you to both find and concentrate on heavenly items with a decent measure of exactness and simplicity. The degree is composed essentially to keep the cost lower. This straightforwardness incorporates no electronic components and two springs at the base that permit the extension to append and disengage inside minutes. Skywatcher 10″ Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope

Sky-Watcher 10″ Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope

This Telescope accompanies a few gap sizes. The 10-inch display gives great optics in an advantageous bundle at a reasonable cost. This degree is perfect for novices who need to appreciate clear perspectives of the evening sky without spending a lot of money on muddled extensions. Notwithstanding the wide 10-inch gap, the Skywatcher accompanies two different eyepieces (25mm and 10mm), and a 1200mm focal distance and a 2-inch focuser to open up its perspectives. The degree’s most unmistakable component, notwithstanding, is its collapsible tube. The machine is intended to crease into itself keeping in mind the end goal to make it littler and simpler to transport.

Meade Personal Solar Telescope

This sun based telescope from Meade is a little, generally modest degree that gives fantastic perspectives of the sun. The extension itself accompanies a 40mm opening in a lightweight bundle of around 2 pounds. Also, the extension itself has no moving parts, making it much less demanding to utilize and less difficult to convey from place to put. Notwithstanding its execution, the Meade PST accompanies a 20mm Kellner eyepiece and can likewise take any conventional eyepiece you wish to buy. To make it much less difficult to utilize, the Meade PST is strung to join to a tripod, and analysts likewise report that the extension is anything but difficult to assemble with the utilization of the included directions. The outcome is a degree that, for under $1,000, is a little and intense approach to appreciating perspectives of the sun.

Skywatcher ProED 100mm Doublet APO Refractor Telescope

The interest of this extension is not to the extent of its gap but rather the innovation underlying the refractor. The extension is an ED or additional scattering degree, which centers the light uniquely in contrast to different sorts of levels, dispensing with fluffy edges around the articles being seen. The outcome is that the degree is equipped for transmitting all the more light to your eye even with a littler opening, bringing about more keen, clearer sees that would somehow or another lone be conceivable with a bigger extension. Notwithstanding its optical capacities, the Skywatcher ProED gives various extras, including an aluminum conveying tube, two eyepieces (25mm and 10mm), a 2-inch dielectric corner to corner, and a 2-inch focuser. The Skywatcher ProED is perfect for beginners who need to accomplish clear perspectives of the evening time sky inside a financial plan.

Best Under $500

Celestron NexStar 127 SLT

While the NexStar may ring up be the highest value rated telescope under $500 of what most fledglings are wanting to spend, it is truly one of the ideal telescopes for beginners under $500. The reason? Well for one thing the 127 SLT is an automated telescope making the first overwhelming errand of finding celestial objects vastly less demanding its users.

Orion SkyQuest XT8

It is a Telescope With nearly double aperture size of the 10014 SyQuest kind of telescope . This telescope is the priciest on the list , but it’s additionally the most rated telescope under 500usd. The nature of picture this telescope produces is comparable to the levels required by space experts. In spite of the fact that it comes with a sticker price under $500, it is cash well spent as you unquestionably get the most out of every dollar. The Orion 8945 is reasonable for all levels of stargazers.

Celestron 127 EQ Power Seeker

This telescope is a moderately intense telescope particularly when you think of it as’ value of all telescopes under $500. It has quality components just for the price say the two included eyepieces.

Orion 10014 SyQuest XT 4.5 Classic Dobsonian

While not exactly as wide as the Star blast, this Orion telescope is really more cumbersome weighing just about five more pounds. It is likewise recognizably long because of its more drawn out central length. Like it’s relatives on this rundown, the SyQuest is an emphatically constructed…

Celestron Power Seeker 70AZ

The Power Seeker 70AZ isn’t splendidly colored with adorable pictures painted on the container, so why do we feel it’s ideal for a tyke? Truly,one should comprehend that this telescope is a genuine telescope that works as expected, but not equated to that ones for kid’s toy. It is all around valued, and available for very little more than many scopes significantly less effective that are promoted straightforwardly to kids.

Best Under $300

3.5″ Refractor Astrophotography Bundle

If you are a beginner in astronomy, enthusiast who wants to discover more about celestial objects this is a perfect telescope for you. Surprisingly low priced 3.5″ Refractor astrophotography bundle is the best choice you can make. The bundle includes 3.5″ refracting telescope 1.3MP digital camera, which can be replaced with a 5MP, and all that connectable to your tablet or laptop if you wish a clearer and better image.

StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope

StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope will provide the experience of universe you always wanted to have. High performance at an affordable price is a dream come true combination. You don’t need any great knowledge about telescopes, but this will provide you with some great knowledge of universe with its 4.5″ aperture and fast f/4 focal ratio this product will be the perfect tool to look in the sky.

TwinStar AstroMark 80mm Portable Refractor Telescope

Walking around with your head in the cloud? No need for that any more. TwinStar AstroMark 80mm Portable Refractor Telescope will allow you to keep your head down and your eyes up. Its 80mm fully coated achromatic objective lens with 400mm focal length will allow you to see unforgettable sights of stars and other celestial object even when its dark, just because it has excellent light-gathering power.

Orion StarBlast 90mm AZ Telescope

Your child keeps asking you about the stars? Let your child find some answers for his or herself with a new telescope! This Orion StarBlast 90mm AZ Telescope is an excellent choice for young (but not necessarily) astronomy beginners. 90mm aperture and 600mm focal length will allow you to see a variety of object up there. It is very useful for a family trip. Easy to use and even easier to move will allow to find a perfect setting for your astronomical discoveries and all that for a really low price.

Best Under $100

There is a variety of product lines, telescope types, brands and products in the market nowadays that makes it hard to find a decent telescope. Here is a list of the best telescopes under $100.

Celestron 21037 powerseeker 70EQ

This is one of the best products inside our value go that you will discover in the market. The features that it displays make it practically identical to the best of the extravagant telescopes. It is a refractor sort, with simple transportability and an aluminum tripod stand.

Celestron 1037 power seeker

The accessory tray additionally supplements the features that it has. The distance across of the refractor is 2.8″ or 70mm, which makes it sufficient for novice level. The optical zoom of 3x is useful for locating major planets and stars without trading off the image quality since the width is a constraining variable. Central length is 700mm, and it has a Finderscope of 5×24, with 20mm and 4mm eyepieces.

Celestron COSMOS firstscope

This is a smaller Newtonian reflector with numerous stunning features.

Taking a gander at all the properties and utilities that this telescope offers, it is difficult to trust that it falls in the classification of under $100. It is maybe the most loved of all novices since it offers great visual quality; as well as is preferred investigating different telescopes.

The major recognizing highlight to be sure is its substantial 76mm essential reflect which permits it to upgrade its light assembling capacity. This expands the image nature of the divine objects and the moon, for example.

Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope

This specific model was designed to suit the voyaging conditions. However, the features offered by Celestron are sufficient to make one the best starter telescopes.

It’s a refractor sort, which is for the most part useful for voyaging purposes, with a breadth of 70mm. It is so useful for voyaging that every one of the frills alongside the tripod and the telescope itself can be effectively altered in a little rucksack style case, which is utilized to bear it.

A portion of the parts is additionally made of plastic, which lessens the cost and makes it light for simple taking care of. Frill likewise incorporate a 45-degree revise image prism which again regards the reason for which it is made. The central length of 400mm and the glass lenses create splendid images, even of your terrace where you can see the fowls tweeting.